Character Creation

Default characters are “Powerful Heroes” (using Hero System terms).

If you want to play a Heroic Normal (say, an ex-military vigilante that’s into guns and body armor), go here.

We’re playing with ‘Powerful Heroic’ Characters:

  • 150 character points (everyone gets this much for free)
  • Up to 150 disadvantage points (you have to take disadvantages to earn these, things like “Hunted”, or Physical/Mental limitations).

Everyone starts with the ‘Everyman Skills’ for free.

Location is Vibora Bay (fictional city located on a fictional bay in the Florida panhandle).

  • Population is almost 1 million, and total area population is close to 2 million, when including all the surrounding suburbs.
  • City is old (established in 1687), but didn’t really grow rapidly till after WW2
  • Melting pot of cultures (including some Native American tribes that predate the city, and a bit of a mystical/voodoo influence).
  • East side of town is wealthier (known as Easton)
  • West side of town is poorer (known as Weston)

A list of some of some organizations that you might want to use for limitations and/or perks:

  1. VIPER
    1. Bad guys.
    2. Technology based
    3. Worldwide influence
  2. DEMON
    1. Bad guys.
    2. Satanic cult (Magic based?).
    3. Worldwide influence.
  3. VBPD (Vibora Bay Police Department)
    1. Good guys (mostly).
    2. Regional influence.
    3. Have a few units equipped to deal with Metahumans.

There are also local costumed heroes, crime-fighters, crime organizations, and gangs. Ask me if you’re interested in using one of them for something, and I’ll give you a name.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s some guidelines I use when making a new character:

  1. Think of a general character concept before you start thinking about specifics. Examples:
    1. Sylph, mistress of the Air
    2. The Blind Swordsman
    3. Frosty the Snowman (this one is silly. Don’t make Frosty the snowman. He wouldn’t last long in Florida ;).
  2. You can create a detailed background if you’re inclined to, as that might help you come up with particular powers and/or disadvantages. Examples:
    1. Raised by Aunty Em after parents murdered by VIPER Agents.
      1. Aunty Em could be either be a follower/contact, or a Dependent NPC (a disadvantage).
      2. VIPER could be used for a lot of dis-ads:
        1. Watched (maybe your parents were killed because they were super heroes and VIPER learned of their secret identities, so now VIPER is keeping an eye on you).
        2. Or Hunted (as you grew up and developed super powers, you started tracking down and killing/capturing VIPER agents, so now they’re coming after you).
        3. Psychological Limitation (Wants Revenge against VIPER agents: will attempt to kill any you see in preference to anything else).
    2. Frosty the Snowman was a snowman brought to life by a magical hat.
      1. Vulnerable to fire and heat based attacks.
      2. Dependent on the magic hat for continued existence.
      3. Susceptibility to temperatures above freezing.
  3. Next, it usually helps to pick your major powers (since these are also usually the biggest point cost…get them done first, so you don’t run out of points before buying the good stuff).
  4. Pick any major disadvantages you know you’re going to have (i.e., if you’re making the Blind Swordsman, take Blind now ;).
  5. After that, pick your characteristics.
  6. Then less important powers, skills, talents, perks, etc.
  7. Add disadvantages to balance out points.

A lot of times, steps 4-6 end up being a balancing act (i.e., I’d really like to have more skill in combat, but I’d have to give up some Intelligence or get another disadvantage).

Character Creation

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